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Army of Earl of Richmond.

November 9, 2009

Two Trumpeters, with white shirts, red roses on their breasts, white caps, blue stockings, and russet shoes.

Officer and Eight Archers in green suits with red roses on their breasts, steel caps and gorgets, moroon stockings, russet shoes, long-bows, and quivers full of arrows.

Six Norman Soldiery, with ring-armor shirts, orange-colored overcoats, very short and open at breasts so as to show the armor, tight green sleeves, green stockings, black shoes, steel caps, cross-bows, and enormous shields on their backs, 8 feet high.

Two Officers and Twelve Soldiers, with drab shirts and red roses on breasts, black velvet waist belts, blue stockings, russet shoes, steel caps and gorgets, and steel battle-axes.

Four Banner-Men, with white shirts, red roses on them, and blue stockings.

Six Knights, in complete armor, with white surcoats edged with gold, red roses on breasts, and shields with red rose in centre.

Shakspeare’s Historical Tragedy of Richard III, adapted to representation by Colley Cibber, as played by Kemble, Cooke, and Kean, and re-produced at the Park Theatre, New York, Jan. 7th, 1846, published 1847.  From Google Books.  Original image here.

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