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“Secure on the side of England and Germany . . .”

November 10, 2009

Secure on the side of England and Germany, Sweden was the only other Power that Louis was desirous of gaining.  As Denmark was the firm ally of the States-General, and as the posture of the Elector of Brandenburg became every day more hostile to France, it became highly important to Louis to secure the friendship of the Swedish Government.  With that needy but ambitious Power, money was the grand instrument of negociation.  When in 1667, France ceased to pay Sweden the subsidies stipulated under the treaty of January 1663, she abandoned, as we have seen, her ancient ally, and attached herself to England and the Dutch.  The offer of 400,000 rix dollars in ready money, and a yearly subsidy of 600,000 during the war, sufficed to gain her back to France.  The Treaty of Stockholm, concluded April 14th 1672, purported to be for the maintenance of the Peace of Westphalia, of which the two contracting Powers were guarantees; but the secret articles showed that it was directed against the Dutch, as Sweden engaged to assist Louis in case he should be attacked by the Emperor, or any German Power, during his war with the United Netherlands.

The History of Modern Europe by Thomas Henry Dyer (vol. 3 of 4), 1864.  From Google Books.  Original image here.

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