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Dominus regit me. Psal.xxiii.

November 13, 2009

The Lord is onely my support,
     and he that doth me feede:
How can I then lacke any thing,
     wherof I stand in neede.
He doth me folde in coates most safe,
     the tender grasse fast by:
And after driues me to the streames,
     which runne most pleasauntly.

And when I feele my selfe neare lost,
     then doth he me home take:
Conducting me in his right pathes,
     euen for his owne names sake.
And though I were euen at deathes doore,
     yet would I feare none ill:
For with thy rod and shepheardes crooke,
     I am comforted still.

Thou hast my table richly deckt,
     in despight of my foe:
Thou hast my head with balme refresht,
     my cup doth ouerflow.
And finally while breath doth last,
     thy grace shall me defend:
And in the house of God will I,
     my life for euer spend.

The whole booke of Psalmes, collected into Englishe metre by T. Sternhold, W. Whitingham, I. Hopkins, and others, 1583.  From the Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text & Image.  Original images here and here.

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