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“What have I done?”

November 14, 2009

   Lady A.  What have I done?  What horrid Crime committed?
   Rich.  To me the worst of Crimes, out-liv’d my liking.
   Lady A.  If that be Criminal, Just Heaven be kind,
And take me while my Penitence is warm:
O Sir, forgive, and kill me.
   Rich.  Umh!  No, —— The medling World will call it murder,
And I wou’d have ’em think me pitifull:
Now wert thou not afraid of self-Destruction,
Thou hast a fair excuse for’t.
   Lady A.  How fain wou’d I be Friends with Death?  O name it.
   Rich.  Thy Husband’s hate:  Nor do I hate thee only
From the dull’d edge of sated Appetite
But from the eager Love I bear another:
Some call me Hypocrite:  What think’st thou now,
Do I dissemble?

The Tragical History of King Richard III.  As it is Acted at the Theatre Royal, by Colley Cibber, 1700.  From the Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text & Image.  Original image here.

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