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“I giue thankes to God . . .”

November 24, 2009

I giue thankes to God, vvhom I serue from my progenitours in a pure conscience, that vvithout intermission I haue a memorie of thee in my praiers, night and day desiring to see thee, mindeful of thy teares, that I may be filled vvith joy, calling to minde that faith vvhich is in thee not feined, vvhich also dvvelt first in thy grandmother Loïs, and thy mother Eunîce, and I am sure that in thee also.  For the vvhich cause I admonish thee that thou resuscitate the grace of God, vvhich is in thee by the imposition of my handes.  For God hath not giuen vs the spirit of feare:  but of povver, and loue, and sobrietie.  Be not therefore ashamed of the testimonie of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner:  but trauail  vvith the Gospel according to the povver of God, vvho hath deliuered and called vs by his holy calling, not according to our vvorkes, but according to his purpose and grace, vvhich vvas giuen to vs in Christ IESVS before the secular times.  But it is manifested novv by the illumination of our Sauiour IESVS Christ, vvho hath destroied death, & illuminated life and incorruption by the Gospel:  vvherein I am appointed a preacher and Apostle and Maister of the Gentiles.  For the vvhich cause also I suffer these things:  but I am not cófounded.  For I know whom I haue beleeued, & I am sure that he is able to keepe my depositum vnto that day.

The Nevv Testament of Iesvs Christ, translated faithfvlly into English out of the authentical Latin, according to the best corrected copies of the same, diligently conferred vvith the Greeke and other editions in diuers languages, 1582.  From Bibliothèque nationale de France.  Original images here and here.

Bibliothèque nationale de France

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