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Of Behaviour Among Boys.

June 1, 2010
  1. As near as may be, converse not with any but those that are good, sober and virtuous; Evil communication corrupts good Manners.
  2. Be not quarrelsom, but rather take patiently, than mischievously occasion any manner of wrong.
  3. Reprove thy Companions as often as there shall be occasion for any evil, wicked unlawful, or indecent Action of Expression.
  4. Give always place to him that excelleth thee in Quality, Age or Learning.
  5. Be willing to take those words or actions as jestings, which thou hast reason to believe were designed for such:  and fret not at thy companions innocent mirth.
  6. If thy Companion be a little too gross or sarcastical in speaking, yet strive not to take notice of it, or be moved at all therewith.
  7. Abuse not thy Companion either by word or deed.
  8. Deal justly among boys, thy equals; as solicitously as if thou were a man with men, and about business of higher importance.
  9. Be not selfish altogether, but kindly, free, and generous to others.
  10. Jot not the Table or Desk on which another writes.
  11. At play make not thy Hands, Face, or Cloaths, dusty or dirty:  nor sit upon the ground.
  12. Avoid sinful and unlawful Recreations:  all such as prejudice the welfare either of body or mind.
  13. Scorn not, Laugh not at any for the natural infirmities of Body or mind, nor because of them affix to any a vexing title of contempt and reproach.
  14. Adventure not to talk with thy companions about thy Superiors, to raise discourse reflecting upon, or touching another’s Parents, or Master:  to publish any thing of thine own Family or House-fold affairs.  Children must meddle only with the affairs of Children.

The School of Manners.  Or Rules for Childrens Behaviour, fourth edition, 1701.  Facsimile edition, with illustrations added, published 1983.  From my mother’s collection.

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